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Fresh Turf After Care Advice


Once you have laid your turf you will need to care for it and maintain it just the same as any other living plant.

To simplify this we have put it into bullets, starting with the most important.

Watering: Very important!

  • Try to be fully equiped with a hose and a sprinkler before your turf is laid.
  • When temperatures drop below 10c watering is not so important but look for signs of the turf looking dry and water as required.
  • In warm weather, ensure you start watering as soon as the turf is laid.
  • Quantities of water will vary with soil types and temperature
  • Lift 1 corner of a turf to ensure the turf is moist all the way through and the soil underneath is also moist.
  • Water twice a day, early morning and late afternoon for 2 weeks.
  • Make sure you have covered every turf. The water will not spread.
  • Do NOT walk on the turf after you have watered it.

Stay off the turf for 2 weeks, or longer if its laid on a steep gradient.


  • Start mowing your lawn after 2 weeks of laying.
  • Use the mower on a high setting to start and then mow again a few days later to reduce the height.
  • Repeat mowing once a week from Spring to Autumn.
  • Never mow any more than 1/3 of the sward length in one cut.
  • Use a mower with a grass collector! Raking cuttings may damage the grass.
  • We have found that petrol lawn mowers generaly give a better quality cut.
  • Make sure your mower blade is regularly sharpened.
  • Don't ever let the grass grow beyond a managable height.

Weed and Feed:

  • Make sure the turf is fertilised at least twice a year. (Spring & Autumn)
  • You can use an all in one weed and feed but we would recommend using a lawn fertiliser instead, and then using a selective weed killer as needed.
  • Always use the fertiliser at least 2 weeks before the weed killer.
  • Read the instructions carefully and don't use any more than the recommended amount.
  • Investing in a granular spreader is advised to obtain a uniformed covering.
  • Double check those instructions!


  • Moss can be treated with lawn sand
  • Spring treatment will give the best results
  • 3in1 weed, feed and moss killer will not be so effective.
  • Remember to read and double check the manufactures instructions before application.
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