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The region's premier turf supplier

Fresh Turf suppliers established in 1989. Fresh Turf are dedicated to the production of high quality premium lawn turf. Our turf is grown from the highest quality seed cultivars available, approved by the STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute). We sow the seed, grow and maintain the turf using the most experienced staff and state of the art machinery to create a perfect lawn turf we can supply with pride.

Our technical advanced turf farm. 

At Fresh Turf, we operate a state of the art turf farm. we are equipped with the best modern technology to get you the perfect turf . Starting from seed, we create a perfect seed bed using our 4.6 metre Valenti stone burier powered by a 230hp Deutz tractor. The seed is then sown with a specially built air seeder. We mow our turf with 35 ft wide V-mow cylinder mowers and Trimax rotatory mowers. Cuttings are then collected with a 6.5 metre grass collecting vacuum. Our turf is regularly fertilised to maintain its health, root structure and vigour. We use a variety of liquid applied treatments to ensure the turf is free or weeds and disease.

New additions to our fleet. 

In 2013 Fresh Turf introduced the Trebro sc2010 automatic turf harvester into our harvesting team. Our turf harvester steers itself while cutting perfect turf, rolling and stacking them, then automatically lowering the full pallet of up to 84 m2 and injecting an empty pallet all while it continues to harvest. This technology allows one operator to carefully monitor the turf while harvesting and it cuts the turf in a fraction of the time of older hand stack machines. In 2017 fresh turf enrolled another Trebro sc2010 to enhance harvesting power!

In April 2018 fresh turfs newest member of the team arrived. Our 35 foot wide Vmow 15 gang mowers manufactured by Rollrasen Van De Sluis are top of the range. Investment in new mowers has now given Fresh Turf the capacity to mow over 850 acres of premium turf in one day. 


Watch our farm production video to see fresh turf in action