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Fresh Turf's Dura-shade turf has fantastic qualities. With its stolen growth and shade tolerance. Dura-shade is perfect for heavy use lawns. Click here to find out more


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Fresh Turf Suppliers of Premium Lawn Turf and a High Quality Service.

With a high quality, uniformed finish and great durability, our turf is perfect for most domestic lawns and landscaping projects. As turf suppliers to numerous acclaimed landscapers and Gardeners, we know the importance of a quality product. Due to the combination of seed cultivars we use, and our intense maintenance program, our turf remains healthier and greener all year round. A dense combination of fine fescue contribute to the outstanding finish. With the benefit of 20% dwarf rye, the turf is durable for sports uses such as golf fairways or back gardens that take daily punishment from the kids. We supply to thousands of garden enthusiasts in England & Wales. 

Turf Benefits:

In the increasing world of concrete and tarmac, Turf offers a fresh change, helping not only the environment by reducing carbon but also absorbing a huge amount of our dust particles. Turf is also great for mental health as well as providing a soft and tranquil environment for children and adults to play. Using lawn turf instead of other less conventional garden products gives the garden a greater sense of open space and the uniformed look will make it look bigger.

Turf is a much preferred option to seeding lawns these days as it takes just a couple of weeks to establish in to a beautiful lawn as apposed to seeding which can take well over a year to reach the same standard. Seeding your lawn can be a good economical option especially if your garden is in excess of 350 sq Meters but there will be a huge amount of addition preparation and after care required as opposed to the minimal requirements of laying Turf.

Turf Laying Advice for your new lawn:

Laying your lawn turf is a very simple process but before you get to the turf laying stage, it is important to prepare the ground properly. Your can order fantastic lawn turf and lay it to perfection but if the garden is not well prepared, you turf laying efforts may be in vein. Once the ground is prepared, Start laying your turf from a straight edge or if the edge of your lawn is curved, you will need to start your own straight line though the middle of the area. Lay planks on the turf you have laid and work off the planks, laying row by row. You will need to make sure all of the joints are butted tightly together so that there are no gaps between the turf. More Turf Laying Advice

Turf Care advice for your new lawn turf:

The most important after care advice for newly laid turf is WATER. You should water the turf immediately after laying your lawn and then water the turf twice a day for 2 weeks. Try to water early in the morning and at the end of the afternoon so the turf does not burn in the sun. However, it is essential that the turf remains moist for the entire 2 week period. You can mow your new lawn after 2 weeks but don't cut any more than 1/3 of the length of the grass in one cut. Leave at least 48 hrs between cuts. More Turf Care Advice

View our Turf specification to find out why Fresh Turf are the Regions leading Turf Growers and one of the UK's most popular turf suppliers.

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