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Suppliers of high quality lawn turf throughout the UK. 

Fresh Turf are suppliers of high quality lawn turf to both the public and the trade. We are suppliers of high quality weed free cultivated lawn turf across the England, Wales and much of Scotland. Due to the seed cultivars we use, our lawn turf is suitable for high quality front lawns or child friendly back gardens. Our lawn turf can be delivered next day but please note, The pallet of lawn turf can only be delivered to a hard standing area at the roadside.

As well established suppliers of lawn turf, Fresh Turf know that it is vital to get your lawn turf to your home or property when you want it and freshly cut. You can order your turf online, we will cut your lawn turf in the afternoon and it will be with you and ready to lay on your garden the following day. This next day service has proven both popular and often vital for DIY lawn customers and our trade customers.


meglio_logo_black_small_150x43Premium Lawn Turf, Seed Mix: 

Breed Variety Type Percentage
Salsa Strong Creeping Red Fescue 30%
Barcrown Slender Creeping Red Fescue 20%
Bargold Dwarf/Perennial Ryegrass 20%
Bargreen Chewings Fescue 15%
Barpearl Slender Creeping Red Fescue 10%
Highland Browntop Bent 5%

Note: This seed mix is subject to change but will be based on similar percentages.

This is a Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) approved seed mix from an STRI approved seed supplier.

  • Topsoil is pre-treated to eliminate possible contaminants, then rotovated and stone buried.
  • The proturf seed is applied by direct turf drill at 120% suppliers recommended seed rate.
  • The seedbed is rolled at 50 lb per square inch and then repeated as required with regular monitoring of compaction.
  • The turf is treated with various natural organic and chemical products including a regular Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium (NPK) fertiliser program. Annual soil tests are completed and pH adjustment is completed if required.
  • Mowing the turf is done with cylinder and rotary mowers. All rotary cuts are vacuumed and cylinder cuts are vacuumed if clippings exceed 8mm.
  • Grass height is cut between 25 and 35 mm complying with Turfgrass Growers Association(TGA) standards.
  • Thatch layer is less than 10mm complying with TGA standards.
  • Turf thickness is between 12mm and 15mm complying with TGA standards.
  • The turf does NOT contain reinforcement netting and is strong enough to be held off the ground from one end of the roll.
  • Rolls are 60cm x 167cm and equate to 1 sq Meter per roll or 1.196 sq. yards
  • Weight is within 20kg per roll unless exceptionally wet on the day of harvest.
  • Turf is delivered within 26 hours of harvest (usually far less).

Harvesting your turf with our top of the range Trebro sc2010